Calendar Export

Calendar Export The Calendar Export utility is a free add-on that creates a CSV or iCal file of your schedule from OPAS. The Calendar Export utility works with OPAS Lite | Basic | Extended You select the file format, then date range and other criteria for the events to be extracted from OPAS. The [...]

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Drag/Drop Seating Add-On

Drag/Drop Seating Assignments Rostering concerts - Project by Project, event by event or even work by work - is made easy with the Drag/Drop seating add-on. This add-on is integrated within OPAS (it becomes its own menu item) and works seamlessly with the Service Attendance and personnel areas. With the Drag/Drop Seating add-on ... [...]

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OPAS Add-Ons

OPAS Add-Ons There are several different add-ons you can purchase to enhance your OPAS experience. Add-ons cover a variety of functions and can be designed to work with any program area. We currently feature these popular add-ons; click the menu at left to explore: OPAS Online - send your OPAS schedule, repertoire and [...]

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David Daniels’ Orchestral Music

"Orchestral Music" - Fifth Edition The industry-standard David Daniels' "Orchestral Music - Fifth Edition" is available in OPAS format. Over 8,500 compositions with complete composer, work, movement, instrumentation and publication information -- taken right from the print edition of the book. New clients can purchase the Daniels repertoire database as a starting point [...]

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