Top Support Topics

These items tend to be the most often encountered issues clients tend to face, and it’s a good place to start your search

Remote Access – Launch the TeamViewer application so we can see and control your PC. We use the TeamViewer remote access for training and support. PDF Link

Report Activation – How to enable a report that is grayed-out in your OPAS menu. PDF Link

Installation / Updates

Workstation Installation – To install OPAS on any computer in your organization you need only one file: WorkstationSetup.exe.  This file is likely already in the OPAS folder on the server (it was probably placed there when OPAS was installed) or you can download it from this web site (contact Technical Support for the password).

Once on the site, scroll down to the Workstation file and download it:


Once you have the WorkstationSetup file, follow the appropriate instructions below: