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This page is for OPAS Online – the companion page for the OPAS desktop application is here

Last updated: 05-June 02:00 PM EDT

During this involuntary disruption in our collective lives and schedules, many of you have mentioned using this time to catch up with OPAS Online administrative chores and digging a little deeper into the program.

The Guides below offer some suggestions and topics of good things for OPAS Online Administrators and Power Users to know.

These are all PDF guides simply because I can make those faster; I hope to make companion videos as time allows. As always, please send in topics you would like to see covered.

NOTE – some of the new features in OPAS Online 2.16 require a modest customization fee. Given our shared circumstances, you can order custom programming work now and no invoice will be sent until July 1 (or the start of your 20/21 fiscal year). If your orchestra uses OPAS and you want to add OPAS Online to enhance communication with your orchestra musicians, please talk to us about setting up your site now, and delaying payment until your next fiscal year.

OPAS Online

OPAS Online Administrator and Power-User tasks for general site operation. Includes new features in OPAS Online 2.16

PDF Topic/TitleNotes
CalendarCalendar and Calendar URL features - custom URLs, Calendar reports, Musician calendar options
Musician URLMore detail on configuring your OPAS Online installation to support Musician-specific linked calendar URLs
Home / News / DocumentsHome screen containers; hidden Documents; News display options
Email AddressesUnderstanding the Email Address conventions used in OPAS Online - the addresses used in the To: and Reply fields when OPAS Online generates an email
PasswordsNew Password Policies in OPAS Online 2.16; "Forgot Password" option
Log Files: Data ImportOPAS Online logs that show the date/status of the latest data upload and import
Log Files: LoginOPAS Online logs that show the login statistics for each OPAS Online user
Log Files: Account LogsOPAS Online logs that show creation, password requests and password changes for online accounts
Log Files: Email LogsOPAS Online logs that keep a record of and show details for all emails that originate from OPAS Online.

OPAS Online – Personnel Management

OPAS Online Administrator and Power-User tasks specifically for Personnel Management in OPAS Online. Includes new features in OPAS Online 2.16

PDF Topic/TitleNotes
Orchestra MusicianInitial upload and ongoing maintenance for orchestra musician entries in OPAS Online.
Service Attendance Grid - PermissionsSetting permissions and preferences for service assignments in OPAS Online. A must-read prior to using the Service Attendance grid.