Admin. / General Clean-up Chores

This page is for OPAS – the companion page for OPAS Online is here

Last updated: 06-June 02:00 PM EDT

During this involuntary disruption in our collective lives and schedules, many of you have mentioned using this time to catch up with OPAS administrative chores, general data clean-up, and digging a little deeper into the program.

The Guides below offer some suggestions and topics of good things for OPAS Administrators and Power Users to know.

These are all PDF guides simply because I can make those faster; I hope to make companion videos as time allows. As always, please send in topics you would like to see covered.

OPAS – Managing Events

PDF Topic/TitleNotes
Canceled EventsRecommended method for North American clients to indicate canceled events
Canceled Events - a User's PerspectiveChris Walroth at the Toronto Symphony has a great perspective on the Canceled Events guide above. You can see it via the LinkedIn OPAS User Group, or via the PDF
Canceled Events - Now What?Further thoughts and options after working with many of you on COVID-19 Cancellations
Canceled Events - Emailing MusiciansIf you use the OPAS Personnel modules and need to send an email to all Musicians playing a certain Service or Project
Canceled Events - Reconfigure SeasonChange the start/end and performance week configuration for any season
"On This Day..." performance history reportWe created this report for a client that uses it to stay in touch with patrons during the hiatus. You input any day(s) and the report shows you all the performances that were given on that day, going back as far as you have entries in OPAS
Archiving SeasonsSome clients need to create different versions of the upcoming 2020-21 season, based on different COVID-19 closure scenarios. This guide shows you how to lock/preserve your existing / original 20-21 season for future reference. Contact Technical support for assistance or further information.
Library / Repertoire by instrumentation sizeA client suggested this for post-COVID programming. Run from the Works or the Library areas, the report outputs repertoire grouped by orchestra size to help program concerts that use the stage in a similar way

OPAS – Administrator Tasks

Administrator/Power User tasks such as user accounts, system settings and other general maintenance items

PDF Topic/TitleNotes
Create User AccountThe old New+Copy functionality to create a new OPAS login has been discontinued. This guide describes the new method to achieve the same thing - you create a new account and import the rights from another, existing account.
User Permission OverviewAn overview of OPAS logins and how the rights/permissions are organized
User Permission - Common SettingsA quick look at the most oft-requested and arguably most important restrictions for User Rights
User Permission - Group vs. IndividualHow to tell if a permission setting is an individual or group right, and how to reset individual rights
User Permission - Right-clickEmploying the Right-Click in User Rights to quickly allow/deny access to many items at once
User Log Files"Who's in OPAS now?" - how to tell, plus user log files
Data Clean Up - Address BookMerge entries in the Address Book to remove duplicates
Data Clean Up - CompositionsMerge entries in the Works area to remove duplicates
Personnel - new payment functions Two new data functions give you the ability to import a Salary table from an Excel file and to create ad-hoc expense items for any set of Services. Contact Technical Support to have the new functions sent to you.