Fundamentals of OPAS Operation

These guides cover the basic operation of OPAS and techniques used in all program areas.

Our support pages contain PDF and YouTube links for only the most requested items in OPAS Program Areas. There are many other guides available; please contact Technical Support if you need anything you don’t see here.

You can also find video guides on the YouTube Playlist:   OPAS Basics: Operation  

Drop-Down FieldsOPAS uses drop-down fields extensively to link information. This guide describes their features and operations
Drop-Down Fields: Linked DataThis guide looks at drop-down fields and direct linking to the data that comprises the drop-down field
Drop-Down Fields: Basic SearchUsing Wildcards with the Basic Search
Basic Search: Drop-down fieldsSpecial options when using the Basic Search on drop-down fields
List PaneIntroduction to the List Pane: the portion of each screen that shows Search Results
List Pane NavigationDifferent Views and Navigation options within the List Pane
GridsOPAS uses grids extensively to link information within the database
Grids: OperationAdding and Removing items from a grid
Grids: Items not in the ListUsing grids when the information you wish to put into the grid is not in the list of available choices
Grids: Entering DataSpecial grids that are filled with data that is directly entered, and not selected from a predefined list