Getting To Know OPAS

These guides cover the basic operation of OPAS and techniques used in all program areas — they are a great place for new users to learn the ABCs of using OPAS.

Our support pages contain PDF and YouTube links for only the most requested items in OPAS Program Areas. There are many other guides available; please contact Technical Support if you need anything you don’t see here.

You can also find helpful video guides on the YouTube Playlists:  OPAS Basics: Fundamentals of using OPAS and Customizing OPAS

OPAS Fundamentals

PDF VideoTopic/TitleNotes
Logging InStarting OPAS and Logging in
Screen LayoutOverview of the OPAS Workspace; basic areas / screens in OPAS; location of menus and search results
General TermsGlossary of terms used throughout OPAS
Tab NavigationMoving between program areas (tabs) and OPAS screens
Action ButtonsThe top row of buttons used for Reports, Searches and other critical program operation
Program AreasOverview of OPAS Program Areas and how to access them

Your Custom OPAS Settings

Favorites MenuSet your menu for the OPAS Program Areas you use the most
General PreferencesAn overview of system-wide settings and customizations
Screen PreferencesSetting fonts, colors and the OPAS start-up/opening screen
Rows and ColumnsSetting row heights, column widths, and column orders on the List Pane and throughout OPAS
Tab NavigationMoving between program areas (tabs) and OPAS screens
List Pane CustomizationAll search results are shown in the List Pane at the bottom of the screen; learn how to maneuver through and optimize the List Pane