Repertoire and Composers

These PDF and video guides cover the OPAS Works and Composers program areas – the basics of creating and managing your organization’s repertoire.

Our support pages contain PDF and YouTube links for only the most requested items in OPAS Program Areas. There are many other guides available; please contact Technical Support if you need anything you don’t see here.

You can also find many video guides on the Works / Repertoire YouTube playlist

Repertoire OverviewA quick tour of the primary information stored for compositions in OPAS
Composer OverviewIntroduction to Composers
Add a new CompositionThe basics of creating a new composition or work entry in OPAS
Add a new ComposerThe basics of adding a new composer to OPAS
 Merge CompositionsJoin or Merge two work entries into one

Work Performance Histories

View / Print Performance HistoriesFinding the performance history for any composition and outputting performance history reports
Performance Histories in OPAS OnlineComposition performance histories can be transferred to your OPAS Online site for quick access through any web browser

Work Performances

Change Performance InstrumentationAlter the instrumentation of a composition only as it pertains to a set of rehearsals and performances
Performing ExcerptsRemoving / changing the movements of a composition when the entire work is not performed
Indicate PremiereHow to flag any performancee of a composition as the Premiere performance