Searching for Information

These guides cover the Metasearch and Basic Search. OPAS employs a variety of powerful methods to help you find the information you need. These guides will help you become an expert in OPAS data mining.

Our support pages contain PDF and YouTube links for only the most requested items in OPAS Program Areas. There are many other guides available; please contact Technical Support if you need anything you don’t see here.

You can also find video guides on the YouTube Playlist for  Searches: Finding Information in OPAS  

MetasearchA broad search – like an Internet search performed within any OPAS Program Area
Basic SearchThe C-Major scale of OPAS: a simple yet very powerful and precise database search. The best way to find exactly what you need
Basic Search: WildcardsUsing Wildcards with the Basic Search
Basic Search: Drop-down fieldsSpecial options when using the Basic Search on drop-down fields
Basic Search: Multiple CriteriaSearch in more than one field at a time