“Orchestral Music” – Fifth Edition

The industry-standard David Daniels’ “Orchestral Music – Fifth Edition” is available in OPAS format. Over 8,500 compositions with complete composer, work, movement, instrumentation and publication information — taken right from the print edition of the book.

New clients can purchase the Daniels repertoire database as a starting point with OPAS — your Schedule and Library are built upon the contents of the Fifth Edition. Existing OPAS clients can purchase the Daniels repertoire database and import works from it into their working copy of OPAS.

Add the power of OPAS searches and reporting to this indispensable orchestral resource.

Daniels Works

Entries from the Daniels’ “Orchestral Music – Fifth Edition” book (click to enlarge)

Instructions on importing Daniels’ works into an existing copy of OPAS are available from OPAS Technical Support

Daniels’ “Orchestral Music – Fifth Edition” in OPAS format is available for a one-time fee of $1,850.