Drag/Drop Seating Assignments

Rostering concerts – Project by Project, event by event or even work by work – is made easy with the Drag/Drop seating add-on. This add-on is integrated within OPAS (it becomes its own menu item) and works seamlessly with the Service Attendance and personnel areas.

With the Drag/Drop Seating add-on …

  • You can opt to seat any section for an entire project, certain events on the project, or (where your orchestra rotates seating within a concert) for each work on a concert
  • Core and Substitute players are shown; core/staff musicians who are absent are listed but not available for seating so you can see everyone is accounted for
  • Default seat locations (i.e. principal players) are automatically filled in
  • Personnel areas like Service Attendance and schedule areas are a quick mouse-click away
Drag-Drop Seating

No typing – just drag musicians into the proper stand/chair for any section (click to enlarge)

The Drag/Drop Seating add-on is available for a one-time fee of $500. Discounts are available when purchased with OPAS