OPAS Next: The must-have tool for orchestra management

Read below to learn about OPAS Next capabilities in more detail.

This page covers OPAS Next system and administration operation

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Calendar / Scheduling

Powerful and insinuative Calendar and Scheduling features make it easy to store your organization’s entire performance history, work in detail on the current season, and plan future activities.

[ Calendar Screen Shot ]

Use the Calendar to build and edit your season. Featuring convenient drag/drop operations, Project templates, color-coding and multiple views, the Calendar will become the central trusted source for your organization’s schedule and repertoire.

Use the Events area for simple and advanced searches, to edit all attributes of activities, to run reports and to execute data routines. Fast and intuitive search functions give you quick access to the information you need.

[ Events Screen Shot ]

Address Book

The OPAS Next Address Book gives you the control you need to organize the myriad conductors, soloists, orchestra musicians, venues, publishers and other entities with whom you do business.

OPAS Next offers a variety of categorization tools to group performers by type, instrument and more. Click to email, Google map links and other features keep you connected.


OPAS Next automatically compiles performance histories – you can quickly see and print performance histories for conductors, soloists and venues.

With OPAS Next you have control over the nature and amount of detailed information you store about each entry: Agents, alternate Addresses, financial information, contact histories, linked documents and customizable data fields are all among the types of details you can store, output and use as search criteria.


Just as the music is at the heart of your organization, the OPAS Next repertoire areas create the heart of the application.

Store any number of any type of musical compositions, each with complete composer, title, movement, instrumentation, duration and other critical details.


OPAS Next supports extensive composition detail, supports any language or character set, allows you to tag compositions with your own set of keywords, link documents and more. 

When a work is programmed on any event, all these details are automatically transferred to the activity, but can be edited to provide precise performance attributes.

In addition to all this, OPAS Next automatically compiles the performance history for every composition. You can quickly see and output performance histories for any work or combination of works.


Create and Track the tasks that make or break a successful performance. Checklist items can be applied in almost every OPAS Next program area and can contain extensive detail. This gives you control over production items, artist needs, music preparation and the other countless elements your staff needs to coordinate.

[ Checklist Screen Shot ]

Checklist entries can be managed via a Dashboard widget so you can always see what is due, and what is coming up.


For many organizations, your music holdings are among the most valuable assets you own. OPAS Next makes it easy to manage your Library: parts, scores, publisher, shelf number, material, instrumentation and more can all be stored for any set of compositions.


The Library area seamlessly integrates with the Works area to minimize data entry, and offer combined reports, searches and more.