OPAS NEXT - Pricing

North American pricing for OPAS products is based upon your organization’s annual budget, and the number of licenses you require. 

You will pay an Annual Application Fee based on the size of your organization and whether or not you require OPAS Next (core functionality) or OPAS Next Pro (include personnel management and contracting).

Budget sizes for OPAS Next

  • SMALL – annual expenses below US$ 9 million
  • MEDIUM – annual expenses between US$9 and US$16 million
  • LARGE – annual expenses above US$ 16 million

You will also pay an Annual Per-License Fee. OPAS Next licenses are concurrent – many people can share a single license, but only one person at a time can be in OPAS Next. Your OPAS Next purchase includes one license.

OPAS Next Pricing also requires a One-Time Setup / data migration fee.

Send an email to info at opas.eu along with your name of your organization, your annual budget size and whether or not you are interested in OPAS Next (Basic) or OPAS Next Pro. We will be happy to send a no-obligation quote.

The Not-So-Fine Print:

The OPAS Next Purchase/License Fee includes one concurrent license.  Buy as few licenses as you need; you can always add licenses.

Custom reports and other functionality may incur additional programming costs.

Prices in US Currency

Prices good for North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico) only. For prices in other territories, see opas.eu

Prices subject to change without notice

A note about Licenses:

Think of concurrent licenses like parking spaces. Your company has 7 employees and 4 parking spaces. The first four employees to work get the parking spaces and the other three employees have to circle around the block until a space opens up. For most orchestras this is not a problem because staff can work radically different hours and days.

Any OPAS Administrator on your staff can call a tow truck to tow someone out of their parking space and free it up for another employee.

We recommend you figure how many people at any given moment might be using OPAS Next, subtract two or three and start with that number of licenses. You can easily add more whenever you need them.