In addition to the topics below, the following YouTube playlist may be of help. It includes overview videos specifically intended for Orchestra Musicians:

  • Calendar Subscription – linking to the iCal URL produced by OPAS Online  video  | pdf
  • Creating News Groups and News Items video | pdf 
  • Documents – creating and organizing into folders  videopdf 
  • News and Document options as of version 2.16  pdf
  • Using the Service Attendance grid  pdf
  • Contact Forms  pdf
  • Set Preferences – define the system fonts, colors, start-up screen and other customizations  video 
  • The Upload utility that moves data from OPAS Desktop up to the web  video  |  pdf
  • Email Address conventions  pdf
  • Password conventions (as of version 2.16)  pdf
  • Log files: Data Import  pdf
  • Log files: Logins  pdf
  • Log files: Account Logs   pdf
  • Log files: Email Logs  pdf