OPAS is the Orchestra Planning and Administration System


Take a tour of the world’s most widely used orchestra management software. With a 15-year history spanning over 220 clients in 27 countries, OPAS has established the winning combination of price, performance, security and features.

Page through the table below for an overview of all you can do with OPAS, and download this feature list as a PDF file. On the left-hand menu you will find links for a Detailed Feature List, Add-ons, Pricing and more.

OPAS is sold in three different configurations so you are sure to find a price and feature set that meets the needs of your organization.

  OPAS LiteOPAS BasicOPAS Extended
Calendars and Scheduling

Integrate all orchestral, chorus and ensemble activities into one master schedule with intuitive Calendar operations. Print a wide variety of schedules. Export OPAS calendar information to Google Calendars, Microsoft® Outlook or other programs.
Repertoire and Composers

Tap into comprehensive title, instrumentation, premiere, timing, performance rights, language and other information, equally suited for orchestral, choral, pops, chamber and recital repertoire. Compatible with David Daniels’ “Orchestral Music – A Handbook. Fifth Edition”. Automatically generate comprehensive performance histories for any composition.
Artists, Ensembles and the Address Book

Control complete contact information, including email and web links for all conductors, soloists, orchestra members, choirs, ensembles, venues, publishers, artist managers, hotels, schools, vendors, and other contacts. Leverage automatic and comprehensive performance histories for all conductors, soloists, choirs, ensembles and venues. Drag-and-Drop contacts to Microsoft® Outlook and automatically view addresses in Google Maps.

Assemble checklists in virtually all program areas — customizable templates can be used to instantly create lists of any number of items, and checklist items can be linked to reminders. Checklists can be grouped by operational area, providing quick data entry and reporting options.
Library Holdings

Oversee comprehensive details for all Library holdings. Coordinate management tasks, including expense tracking, performance linking, score rentals and perusals. Make quick work of rental contract forms, labels, score preparation
“to-do” lists for concerts thanks to the reports featured in OPAS.
Technical Resources

Manage your inventory of instruments, furniture, equipment, volunteers and all the other materials required for concert production. Assign rental or usage costs, group items by type and assign them to events in any configuration. Include resources in production and other reports.
Expenses, Budgets and Finance

Customize expense types, categories, cost centers and account numbers. Create recurring expense templates and consolidate expenses from all areas of operation. Review expense data in Microsoft® Excel or Word. Factor currency conversions and tax calculations.
Marketing / Ticket Sales

Use an unlimited number of ticket categories and types — and assign them to your performances. Create custom fields specific to marketing and link OPAS concerts to your box office system.
Musician Instruments, Transport Cases and Insurance

Manage individual instruments owned by the orchestra, musicians or third parties. Track endangered species elements, repair history and costs, insurance categories and valuations. Assign instruments and other materials to Transport Cases.
Guest Artist, Conductor and General Contracts

Generate contracts for guest artists, conductors, choirs, independent contractors, venues and more. Print detailed Artist Itineraries automatically integrated with performance and contract information. Easily create comprehensive fee history and expense itemization reports.
Personnel Management, Attendance and Rosters

Manage all personnel records for the musicians associated with your organization – orchestral musicians, chorus members, substitutes, retired musicians, youth orchestra members, etc. Capitalize on point-and-click attendance assignments using unlimited and customizable attendance types to conform to your specific orchestra contract. Simplify rostering and rotations through a drag-and-drop seating utility.
Orchestra Payroll

Calculate Salary and Service-based payroll using unlimited types and configurations of payroll rates and adjustments. Store payroll data both as a sum and as individual components for extensive analysis possibilities. Quickly and easily generate musician contracts and hire letters.
Tours and Production

Complete Tour or Production itineraries, including performance and non-performance activities such as flights, travel and hotel stays. Auto-assign orchestra musicians, substitutes, conductors / soloists, and Instrument and Touring Cases based upon the assigned personnel. Track support for administrative staff, spouses, guests and other non-orchestra personnel. Use point-and-click room and travel assignments.

Leverage a wide variety and ever-growing library of reporting options and methods – OPAS sends the majority of reports to Microsoft® Word, so that you can use your organization’s pre-existing templates and formats (or output reports and documents to Microsoft® Excel, XML, html and other formats). Employ dynamic Excel reports for Personnel assignments and service histories, artist and conductor performance analysis, performance location analysis, finance, payroll and other functions.
General System Features

  • Conduct comprehensive and multi-level search functions (and add them to menus for instant access)

  • Send schedule and repertoire information to the web via the optional OPAS Online utility

  • Drag-and-Drop Document linking – link any digital file such as Word documents, PDF files, MP3 files, web addresses, email messages and more to any record in OPAS.

  • Format data exports to text, Excel, html and other digital formats (including the Windows clipboard)

  • Extensive Personalization options - customize screens, fonts, toolbars and colors to better reflect your preferences or organization’s brand

  • Completely configure permissions for both Groups and individual Users

  • Integrate OPAS with other software systems – OPAS is an “open-end” database system and can import or export information to and from box office systems, accounting systems, other scheduling systems, etc.

  • Use the OPAS Audit Trail to track all changes to the database, marking each with the date/time of the change, the OPAS user who made the change, and the nature of the change.

We would of course be delighted to show you OPAS in action. Contact us for a no-cost/no-obligation remote demonstrations (using GoToMeeting) or to inquire about a free demo OPAS installation for your organization.