Activities / Events

OPAS stores a wealth of information about each event your organization produces

Activity information is available in:  OPAS Basic | Library | Extended

The Dates area in OPAS contains all the details for the events built in the Calendar. Program, artistic, production and operational details can be stored in the manner that best suits your organization. Discreet screens logically and conveniently group similar data points.

The Dates area …

  • Organizes Program information giving quick access to timings and instrumentation
  • Allows conductors, soloists and other participants to be quickly added
  • Adapts for a wide variety of events — production, rehearsal, performance, education, recording, etc.
  • Automatically calculates maximum instrumentation and program durations
  • Stores production information customized to the needs of your organization: customizable data fields, configurable checklists and technical resources give you a complete picture of concert requirements
  • Links and summarizes concert expenses
  • Allows document linking like stage diagrams, scanned reviews, departmental documents, etc.
  • Provides quick right-click access to related program areas and linked data
  • Features a wide variety of reports: everything from rehearsal schedules to concert run sheets; formatted program pages to unformatted season schedules; equipment and instrument needs reports; monthly calendars and more. Keep your existing report formats and let us customize them to be produced from OPAS.
OPAS manages each event's details in dedicated screens (click to enlarge)

OPAS manages each event’s details in dedicated screens (click to enlarge)