Contracts and Itineraries

The OPAS Artist Contract area manages the details, financial arrangements, clauses, itinerary/travel arrangements and more for soloist, guest conductor, ensemble and virtually any other type of contract your organization requires.

Contracts and Itineraries are available in:  OPAS Extended

The OPAS Contract area features…

  • Direct linking to the OPAS Dates and Address Book entries, so all relevant details are automatically transferred to an artist’s contract. No double-data-entry.
  • Complete rehearsal, performance and travel/hotel schedules
  • A customizable library of oft-used contract clauses that can be added in any combination to contracts
  • Contract templates that make it simple to create an entire season’s contracts in one step
  • Customizable data fields
  • Complete and flexible financial information for contracts
  • Linked documents such as contract scans, visa applications, etc.
  • Formatted contracts, itineraries, check request forms, cover letters, artist fee histories and other standard and customized reports