Artist Performance History

OPAS automatically compiles the performance history for every single soloist and conductor in the database — all you do is assign a performer to a rehearsal or concert, and OPAS does the rest.  The age-old question: “When did this person last appear and what did they play/conduct?” takes only seconds to answer: look up the individual and click her/her performance history screen.

Artist Performance Histories are available in:  OPAS Basic | Library | Extended

Artist Performance Histories feature:

  • Program, Date, Venue and Conductor information
  • All program information in a pop-up (neatly consolidated for concerts where many works were performed)
  • Performance Timings
  • Fast right-click links to the concert, Project and other event details
  • A wide variety of performance history reports, performance statistic reports, and ability to create virtually any type of custom performance history report your organization needs.
Artist Perf Hist

Soloist and Conductor performance histories are compiled automatically (click to enlarge)