Calendar / Scheduling

The heart of the OPAS application is its Calendar and Scheduling functionality. Here you can see and manage your organization’s calendar, employing a wide variety of views and unprecedented event detail.

The Calendar and Dates areas are available in:  OPAS Basic | Library | Extended

The Calendar area offers…

  • Year, Month, Week and Day views
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to quickly build and modify your schedule
  • Pop-up details when you mouse over an event
  • A variety of different color-codes making it easy to see the schedule from a variety of viewpoints
  • Planning Level views to see your orchestra schedule alongside education, production or any other events
  • Artistic/Planning Periods to indicate multi-day items
  • Filters to restrict the Calendar view by a variety of criteria


Any orchestral activity can encompass myriad details – these are organized in the Dates area. The Dates area and the Calendar are two sides of the same coin:  the Calendar is used to see and manage your organization’s schedule in a familiar-and-functional visual format; the Dates area is used for searches, event details, and most reporting.

The Dates area offers…

  • Several different screens of event details including program, performer, equipment, production, financial, checklist and other customizable fields
  • Quick right-mouse-click access to linked information in repertoire, performer, personnel, financial and other program areas
  • A wide variety of search options and saved searches to help you quickly find what you need.
  • Access to dozens of standard and customized reports
  • Data functions to make quick bulk changes to events


Printing/Exporting the Calendar

OPAS services as the master calendar for your organization. It provides a reliable, common source for a wide assortment of printing and export options:

  • Printed yearly, monthly and weekly schedules that can mirror the formats you currently use
  • Related documents such as rehearsal schedules, service schedules, conductor schedules and the like
  • Automatic export to the optional OPAS Online application where your calendar and program details are available via any web browser and Android/iPhone (using the optional phone apps)
  • Export to iCal and CSV files for import to Outlook and Google Calendars
  • Customized XML exports for your own web-based calendars