Checklists are available in virtually every program area and help organize the myriad details of orchestra operations. Their power and flexibility make them ideal for a variety of tasks in a variety of program areas.

Checklists are available in:  OPAS Basic | Library | Extended

Checklists in OPAS…

  • Can have date/time(s) assigned so they can be incorporated in printed schedules
  • Can be organized into Templates so oft-repeating items like dressing-room assignments, contract processing logs, staff concert duty, etc. can be assigned with one click
  • Contain a wide variety of data and can have customized data fields
  • Can be organized into Groups for ease of inclusion and grouping in printed reports
  • Can trigger reminders that pop-up in OPAS for any users you select
  • Can be assigned to multiple records in OPAS at once (for example, a set of concerts) or one at a time

Each client makes use of the OPAS Checklist in different ways — some examples of Checklist use by orchestras around the globe:

  • Stage moves and other ‘in-between works’ items assigned to concerts that can produce precise minute-by-minute run sheets
  • Bus travel and other transportation details for run-outs
  • Soloist contract log processing
  • Artist visa processing
  • Pre-concert duty checklists
  • Piano turnings, load-ins and other production tasks
  • Composition preparation details such as bowings / markings / distribution, etc.