Repertoire / Composers

OPAS is unparalleled in both the depth and breadth of information it stores for composers and musical works. The database structure is robust enough to manage any genre of music, and there is no limit to the number (or type) of entries that you can create.

The contents of David Daniels’ industry-standard book: “Orchestral Music-5th Edition” – with over 8,000 compositions – is available in OPAS format.

The Works and Composers areas are available in:  OPAS Basic | Library | Extended

The Works area offers…

  • Multiple titles for each work giving you flexibility with searches, cataloging and printed output
  • Movements and timings
  • Full instrumentation including separate links for unlimited percussion, keyboard and other instruments, making it easy for OPAS to generate composite instrumentation needs for any concert
  • An automatically-compiling performance history for each composition
  • Unlimited movements and timings
  • Multiple note fields
  • Thematic tags
  • Text and Language information
  • Publisher information and links to your Library holdings for each work
  • Linked documents such as program notes, texts and translations, score or part scans, commission agreements and more
OPAS Works - Main screen

OPAS provides a wealth of information for each composition in the database (click to enlarge)

Work Instrumentation

Complete and detailed instrumentation is kept for each work (click to enlarge)

The Composers area offers…

  • Multiple name options and categories for each composition giving you flexibility with searches, cataloging and printed output
  • Complete biographical information
  • Linked documents such as formatted biographies, digital photos, etc.

Complete biographical information for composers (click to enlarge)