Expenses / Finance

OPAS tracks expenses from each discreet program area — contracts, events, personnel, library, etc — and consolidates them into the Expenses area where you can analyze your orchestra’s finances from almost any viewpoint.

OPAS financial tools are available in:  OPAS Library | Expenses

The Expenses and Budget areas allow you to…

  • Configure Expense Types, Cost Centers and Budget items to match your orchestra’s general ledger
  • If items have a fixed amount, that can be set up with the Expense Type so the amount is automatically filled in.
  • Set Budget amounts for any Project + Expense Type to track actual vs. budget spending
  • Produce a wide variety of reports and exports to Excel Pivot tables that provide analysis and real-time tracking
  • Print fee history reports, payroll reports and exports to payroll systems
Expense entry

OPAS stores extensive and customizable details for each cost item entered (click to enlarge)