Musician Instruments / Cases

The Musician Instruments and Transport Cases areas give you control over physical inventory — catalog instruments owned by (or used by) your musicians, owned by your orchestra, and more. Travel or Tour Cases can also be entered and Instruments assigned to them.

Musician Instruments and Transport Cases are available in OPAS Library | Extended

With the Musician Instrument and Transport Case areas, take control of …

  • Instruments owned by you or by musicians — full details including serial numbers, descriptions, etc. Link Instruments to any musicians and indicate if the musician is owned/rented, etc.
  • Insurance reports — track insurance amounts, appraisal and repair histories
  • Transport/Travel Cases — dimensions, serial numbers, weights and values of all cases
  • Inventory — link Cases and Instruments and Artists; when a Tour is built, all this information seamlessly transfers to the Tour
  • Reports  — Carnet and Manifests, Musician Insurance reports, Instrument loan agreements, Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species reports and more