Orchestra Payroll

OPAS has the power and flexibility necessary to calculate your orchestra’s payroll for salaried musicians and/or per-service players.

Orchestra Payroll is available in:  OPAS Extended

OPAS Orchestra Payroll features…

  • Comprehensive pay rates for musicians and / or services — attach pay rates to either people or services
  • Separate pay rates and categories for adjustments such as move-up, doubling, overtime, etc.
  • Account numbers and other financial details so reports from OPAS seamlessly integrate with your orchestra’s financial systems
  • Assign pay adjustments in bulk or one musician at a time
  • Payroll calculation functions customized for your organization so payroll is calculated according the rules and protocols of your organization
  • Payroll reports and data exports to import information into your paycheck system; Excel tracking documents; associated reports such as pay-stub summaries, union reports, etc.