Personnel Management

Personnel Management is among OPAS’s most powerful functionality; the software governs every aspect of personnel management in dedicated program areas.

Personnel Management is available in:  OPAS Extended

In the Address Book and Musician Pay Rates areas…

  • All standard and expected address book functionality (complete contact information) plus instrument, default seating, chair/position, salary or pay rates, personnel numbers and union affiliations, alternate addresses and more. You can even create customized fields for the Address Book
  • Service obligations, sick banks and other service limits such as education program participation can be kept and tracked against services worked/missed
  • Long-term absences (sabbaticals, medical/personal leaves, etc.) are entered and automatically interface with the Service Attendance area — you’ll never accidentally assign a musician to an even when he/she is not available
  • Standard reports from mailing labels and envelopes to musician directories and phone lists to employment contracts, and custom reports tailored for your organization.

In the Service Attendance area…

  • Set up attendance types to match your orchestra’s needs and contract
  • Simple point-and-click assignments of musicians – assign in bulk to the whole season, or Project-by-project, concert-by-concert or even to individual works on a concert
  • Automatic integration with the OPAS Calendar so no guesswork as to the schedule or repertoire and instrumentation requirements
  • Choose which Section(s), musicians and events to assign; complete flexibility over the musicians you manage
  • Quick right-mouse click to Service details, Artist details n the Address Books, and Event details
  • Double-booking warnings; notes; service summaries
  • Optional export to OPAS Online so attendance can be set or modified via the web and imported back into OPAS
Service Attendance

Tremendous flexibility and a simple point-and-click musician assignment process (click to enlarge)