The OPAS Tour module brings together the Calendar, Musician Instrument, Transport Case and Personnel areas to create and manage foreign or domestic tours.

The OPAS Tour module is available in:  OPAS Extended

Tours effectively manage…

  • Tour participants — any orchestra musicians playing the concerts and rehearsals are automatically on the Tour. You can also add any other performers, staff and guests
  • Tour preferences — when musicians are assigned, their travel preferences, passport information and other pertinent data is seamlessly integrated
  • Instruments and Cases — when musicians are assigned, the instruments linked to them can be automatically added to the Tour. After instruments are assigned, the travel cases to which the instruments are assigned can likewise be automatically assigned. Tour manifests and carnet forms can then be created with a minimum of fuss
  • Travel / Hotel / Group events — non-performance events can be added to the Tour to build rooming lists, travel manifests and more. Details such as date / time / attendees / location and other customized information can be used to produce detailed rooming lists, documentation for hotel and travel companies and schedules
  • Customized fields you create, detailed equipment and case lists, and all the other myriad details associated with Touring
  • Reports and data exports