OPAS Online Customization

Site Customization

A ‘site customization’ is an optional service whereby the style of your existing organization’s web site is copied to your OPAS Online installation. Your OPAS Online site then takes on the ‘look and feel’ of your orchestra’s web site. This customization requires a one-time payment (see the Pricing page) and does not pertain to the Phone Apps.


Client Customization

You may find your organization needs a further level of customization for OPAS Online and/or the accompanying phone apps. This could include: Adding dress codes for event pop-ups, using alternate artist or composer names, omitting certain classifications of events, etc.

These types of customizations are certainly possible and please consult with Fine Arts Software as to your specific needs.  Client customizations can incur a programming charge; see the Pricing page for more information.


Technical Overview

OPAS Online works in tandem with your office installation of OPAS. A new folder is created in the OPAS directory and in it is placed the files necessary to send data up to the web. You have complete control over which events are published online. When the upload utility runs, data is extracted from the OPAS database in XML format. It is then sent to your secure/unique ftp folder on our web site. There it is unpacked and placed into the MySQL database that drives your OPAS Online site.