OPAS Online Pricing

Prices for OPAS Online are set on a sliding scale that corresponds to your organization’s annual budget. These prices are for OPAS Online only and are in addition to the OPAS license and annual support.

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As with OPAS Desktop, OPAS Online is sold on a sliding price scale based on your organization’s annual budget. Our guidelines are those of the League of American Orchestra meeting categories:

  • Category 1 – annual budget over $16.4 million
  • Category 2 – annual budget between $7.35 and $16.4 million
  • Category 3 – annual budget below $7.35 million. Educational and Religious institutions, and individuals are also considered Category 3
 Cat.  1 Cat.  2Cat.  3
OPAS Online License Fee$ 4,500$ 3,000$ 1,750
OPAS Online Annual Technical Support and Hosting$ 900$ 600$ 350
OPAS Online Site Customization (optional)$ 1,100$ 1,100$ 1,100
OPAS Online Phone App annual support$ 300$ 300$ 300
Client-Specific customizations - web site / phone apps$ 100/hr.$ 100/hr.$ 100/hr.