OPAS Online Features

Visit the OPAS Online Support area for guides on implementing these features, and available options in each area.

Calendar / Schedule

The OPAS Online Calendar keeps your organization on the same page by publishing your schedule and repertoire on the Internet, via a password-protected site and through phone apps. Changes you make in your office copy of OPAS are automatically sent to the web, keeping everyone up to date. The OPAS Online Calendar offers…

  1. Navigation by the month/week/day or jump to any date you enter
  2. OPAS activities at the planning level(s) you choose
  3. Month / Week / Day views via the buttons at the top right of the screen
  4. Color coding by the Event / Project / Orchestra / Venue / Status or other (customizable) criteria
  5. Details for any event when you roll your mouse over the activity box
OPAS Online Calendar

OPAS Online Calendar features (click to enlarge)


Click on any event to see details pop-up. You can choose what is shown in the details, and can include the program, instrumentation, conductor, soloists, venue, and even the orchestra roster.

Event Details

Event Details (click to enlarge)


OPAS Online produces a dedicated ical file that is automatically updated each time OPAS Online is updated. This ical file can then be used to feed a Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

iCal URL


If you use the OPAS Personnel module, you can also quickly create individual OPAS Online logins for musicians. When they log in to OPAS Online — either via the web or via the phone app — they have the ability to see a calendar view for just the services to which they are assigned.

Online Personal Calendar

A personal view for musicians that shows their individual attendance (click to enlarge)

News Items / Document Downloads

The OPAS Online home page serves as your communication portal for orchestra musicians.  The home page contains News items that you enter directly into OPAS Online, and Documents that you upload to your OPAS Online installation.

News and Documents

The home page shows important News items and document links (click to enlarge)

News and Documents streamline communications via…

  • Groups for News and Documents that make it easy to find and organize items
  • Permission settings for News and Documents so people see only what you need them to see
  • Date settings for News items that cause them to automatically expire
  • Folders for Documents to better collate and organizes files
  • Hyperlink and other html abilities for News items
  • Integration with the phone apps for News items

Personnel Management

The OPAS Service Attendance area can be transferred to your OPAS Online installation. Using this familiar interface and functionality you can set attendance from anywhere — the concert hall, on the road, at home — then import your work into your office copy of OPAS.

Service Attendance logins in OPAS Online can be customized and restricted by Section, so section leaders and principals can fill in attendance and you can download their work into OPAS.

Contact Forms

OPAS Online can also serve as a for musicians to communicate with you. You can create custom forms for the information you collect the most: change of address forms, instrument insurance forms, tour preference forms, etc.  These forms are then incorporated into OPAS Online where musicians can fill them out and email the completed/formatted form back to you.

Security and Flexibility

OPAS Online manages logins through User Groups so secure access is guaranteed. Logins and settings transfer seamlessly to the phone apps, so you only need set things up once.

Each User Group can also have its own settings and system preferences so your musicians’ online experience is just as you want it to be.

OPAS Online is written using php so it can easily take advantages of new advancements in Internet programming, and client-specific customizations are affordable.