New To OPAS?

For those new to OPAS, here is a good path to becoming acquainted with the system. Each of these topics will have links to PDF and/or Video guide

As you get deeper into the program, take advantage of your support contact, the printed how-to guides and the YouTube Channel

Logging In

Become familiar with the OPAS screen layout and terms

Logging InLaunching OPAS
Screen LayoutHow the OPAS workspace is organized
Program AreasYour company’s operations are organized by Program Areas
Tab NavigationJust as with your web browser, OPAS program areas are represented on different tabs

Set It Your Way

As you explore OPAS, take a few seconds to configure your settings to get the most out of the software

FavoritesSet your Favorites Menu for quick access to the Program Areas you use the most
Set rows and columnsIt only takes a moment to set rows and columns in the List Pane, and makes an enormous difference in productivity
Set your preferences Define the system fonts, colors, start-up screen and other customizations

Visit the Three Core Areas

Your responsibilities at your organization will require you to work in some OPAS areas more than others. All departments in your organization, however, intersect in the Scheduling, Repertoire and Address Book areas. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these key OPAS program areas

CalendarYour organization’s master calendar and perfect jumping-off point for event details
Address BookThe people, venues, and businesses you work with each day
Repertoire The music you play; instrumentation, timing, composer and other details

Find What You Need

Knowing how to find information in OPAS is both critical, and easy. Learn the foundations of:

The MetasearchA simple “Internet Style” search that looks across multiple data areas
The Basic Search The C Major Scale of OPAS searches