OPAS Pricing

There are several different factors that determine the price of an OPAS installation: the version of OPAS you require; the type of license; and the size of your organization.

OPAS Version

OPAS is available in three different configurations so you are sure to find a price and feature set that meets the needs of your organization:

  • OPAS Lite – core OPAS functionality
  • OPAS Basic – add Library, Finance, Musician instrument and more
  • OPAS Extended – add Personnel, Payroll, Contracts and Touring

See the Feature page for details on what feature set is included with each version

Network / Single User License

Within each OPAS configuration, you can purchase one of two different types of licenses:

  • Single-User – one computer at a time can use OPAS
  • Network – as many computers as you like can access OPAS at the same time

Budget Size

Finally, OPAS is sold on a sliding price scale based on your organization’s annual budget. Our guidelines are those of the League of American Orchestra meeting categories:

  • Category 1 – annual budget over $16.4 million
  • Category 2 – annual budget between $7.35 and $16.4 million
  • Category 3 – annual budget below $7.35 million. Educational and Religious institutions, and individuals are also considered Category 3

Network Pricing

These prices are for a Network Installation of OPAS. OPAS, the database, report files, your license and all other files reside on the server. You operate OPAS from your own workstation.

  Category 1Category 2Category 3
OPAS LITEOPAS License Fee$ 5,100$ 4,200$ 3,150
OPAS LITEAnnual Technical Support$ 1,020$ 840$ 630
OPAS BASICOPAS License Fee$ 8,500$ 7,000$ 5,250
OPAS BASICAnnual Technical Support$ 1,700$ 1,400$ 1.050
OPAS EXTENDEDOPAS License Fee$ 17,000$ 14,000$ 10,500
OPAS EXTENDEDAnnual Technical Support$ 3,400$ 2,800$ 2,100

Single-User Pricing

These prices are for a Single-User Installation of OPAS. OPAS, the database, report files, your license and all other files can reside on the server or on your own PC. While OPAS can be installed on many computers,, only one computer at a time can run OPAS.

  Category 1Category 2Category 3
OPAS LITEOPAS License Fee$ 2,550$ 2,100$ 1,650
OPAS LITEAnnual Technical Support$ 510$ 420$ 330
OPAS BASICOPAS License Fee$ 4,250$ 3,500$ 2,750
OPAS BASICAnnual Technical Support$ 850$ 700$ 550
OPAS EXTENDEDOPAS License Fee$ 8,500$ 7,000$ 5,250
OPAS EXTENDEDAnnual Technical Support$ 1,700$ 1,400$ 1,050

Pricing Notes:

There are several optional add-ons for OPAS that may require a separate fee and support — OPAS Online, David Daniels’ “Orchestral Music” repertoire database, and the Drag/Drop seating utility chief among them. See the Add-Ons area for more information and pricing for these items.

Some elements of your OPAS purchase can be spread over more than one fiscal year. Contact Fine Arts Software for more information.

All prices are given in U.S. currency and are subject to change without notice. Prices are given for informational purposes and do not reflect a binding agreement on the part of Fine Arts Software nor your organization.