‘Italicizer’ Word Macro

The “OPAS Italicizer” macro is used for Microsoft Word reports. It began its life as a tool to place text within the sideways carats into italics so that a work title: Overture to would appear as Overture to Candide in finished reports.

“Italicization” of text has largely been automated, however, so the Italicizer macro is currently used more for placing unsupported diacritical and other characters into the names of composers and performers.

The “Italicizer” macro can easily be assigned to an icon in your default Word documents so final formatting and fine-tuning reports becomes a one-click operation.

The instructions for installing the macro are contained in the Word document that houses the macro itself. Download the document here, and contact Technical Support if you have any questions on installing the “Italicizer” macro.

These links open Microsoft Word .docm files – Word documents that contain a macro. Right-click on the Link and Save the document to you computer:

The current version of the Italicizer macro includes these composers and performers:


Bedrich becomes Bedřich
Dvorák becomes Dvořák
Lubos Fiser becomes Luboš Fišer
Grazyna becomes Grażyna
Fucik becomes Fučik
Janácek becomes Janáček
Martinu becomes Martinů
Reznicek becomes Rezniček
Vorísek becomes Voříšek
Lutoslawski becomes Lutosławski
Serksnyte (or Šerkšnyte)ě  becomes Šerkšnytė
Jindrich Feld becomes Jindřich Feld
Zednek Fibich becomes Zedněk Fibich
Oldřich Flosman becomes Oldřich Flosman
Jakub Golabek becomes Jakub Goląbek
Henryk Mikolaj Górecki becomes Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
Jan Hanus becomes Jan Hanuš
Hrímalý becomes Hřímalý
Adam Jarzebski becomes Adam Jarzębski
Václav Kucera becomes Václav Kučera
Jiri Matys becomes Jiři Matys
Toshiro Mayuzumi becomes Toshirō Mayuzumi
Adolph Misek becomes Adolph Mišek
Vojtech Mojzís becomes Vojtěch Mojžís
Veroslav Neumann becomes Věroslav Neumann
Vítezslav Novák becomes Vítězslav  Novák
Andrej Ocenás becomes Andrej Očenáš
Jiri Pauer becomes Jiři Pauer
Eugen Suchon becomes Eugen Suchoň
Toru Takemitsu becomes Tōru Takemitsu
Johann Baptist Vanhal becomes Johann Baptist Vaňhal
Jan Wanski becomes Jan Waňski


(pianist) Simon Trpceski bcomes Simon Trpčeski
(baritone) Ljubomir Puškaric becomes Ljubomir Puškarić
(pianist) Lukáš Vondrácek becomes Lukáš Vondráček
(conductor) Jirí Belohlávek becomes Jiří Bĕlohlávek
(guitarist) Miloš Karadaglic becomes Miloš Karadaglič