Welcome to the main Report Portal for OPAS. The reporting functionality in OPAS is among its most powerful features, and here you can learn more about:

  • Word reports – reports that output to Microsoft Word
  • Excel reports – analysis reports that use Excel pivot tables
  • XML and other digital exports

These guides cover Report installation, configuration and operation.

Our support pages contain PDF and YouTube links for only the most requested items in OPAS Program Areas. There are many other guides available; please contact Technical Support if you need anything you don’t see here.

You can also find video guides on the Report YouTube playlist

Follow any of these links to web pages, PDF guides and How-To videos to learn more about…

Installing Word ReportsCopying the necessary files to install a new or updated Word report (standard or customized)
Activating ReportsRevealing and ordering reports in your personal menu
"Italicizer" MacroUsing the Microsoft Word macro automatically places commonly-used diacritical marks and can also italicize text in reports
Emailing ReportsSend finished reports via email instead of printing. Uses the “Send Mail” function in Microsoft Word. PDF Guide
Excel Pivot TablesExcel Pivot Tables pull information from OPAS and display it in a tremendous variety of ways, giving you control over how data is displayed and summarized. Pivot Table files are used for a wide array of financial, statistical and attendance reports.