OPAS 9.25 New Features

New Features in OPAS 9.25 OPAS Classic (OPAS Desktop) has several new features in version 9.25.  These include new program areas and elements within existing areas to help better manage the changes brought about by COVID and to enhance your use of OPAS. Contact OPAS Technical Support to schedule your update. The guides [...]

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Reports Welcome to the main Report Portal for OPAS. The reporting functionality in OPAS is among its most powerful features, and here you can learn more about: Word reports - reports that output to Microsoft Word Excel reports - analysis reports that use Excel pivot tables XML and other digital exports [...]

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Installing Reports

Installing Reports Installing reports for OPAS is a simple file-copy procedure. There are five different folders that contain OPAS reports (depending upon what kind of report it is). OPAS Technical Support will tell you which folder should house your specific report files. Procedure - Custom Reports Custom Word reports in OPAS [...]

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Report Italicizer Macro

'Italicizer' Word Macro The “OPAS Italicizer” macro is used for Microsoft Word reports. It began its life as a tool to place text within the sideways carats into italics so that a work title: Overture to would appear as Overture to Candide in finished reports. "Italicization" of text has largely been automated, however, so the Italicizer macro is [...]

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Report Activation

Activating Reports Download these instructions as a PDF File Reports in OPAS can be deactivated so you see only the reports you need/use the most often, and the reports appear in the order you need them. When new reports are added to OPAS they may not be automatically activated; adding them to your [...]

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