Orchestra Payroll

Orchestra Payroll OPAS has the power and flexibility necessary to calculate your orchestra's payroll for salaried musicians and/or per-service players. Orchestra Payroll is available in:  OPAS Extended OPAS Orchestra Payroll features... Comprehensive pay rates for musicians and / or services -- attach pay rates to either people or services Separate pay rates and categories [...]

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Personnel Management

Personnel Management Personnel Management is among OPAS's most powerful functionality; the software governs every aspect of personnel management in dedicated program areas. Personnel Management is available in:  OPAS Extended In the Address Book and Musician Pay Rates areas... All standard and expected address book functionality (complete contact information) plus instrument, default seating, chair/position, salary [...]

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Drag/Drop Seating Add-On

Drag/Drop Seating Assignments Rostering concerts - Project by Project, event by event or even work by work - is made easy with the Drag/Drop seating add-on. This add-on is integrated within OPAS (it becomes its own menu item) and works seamlessly with the Service Attendance and personnel areas. With the Drag/Drop Seating add-on ... [...]

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