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OPAS 9.25 New Features

New Features in OPAS 9.25 OPAS Classic (OPAS Desktop) has several new features in version 9.25.  These include new program areas and elements within existing areas to help better manage the changes brought about by COVID and to enhance your use of OPAS. Contact OPAS Technical Support to schedule your update. The guides [...]

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OPAS Online Features at a Glance

OPAS Online Features at a Glance View / Download the OPAS Online Feature Summary PDF OPAS Online provides a convenient, powerful web portal for your organization's schedule, programs, rosters and other details. All with secure logins and customizable user groups. While you can configure OPAS Online with as many different logins/groups [...]

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Data Functions – Installation

Installing Data Functions Installing data functions for OPAS is a simple file-copy procedure; functions are often delivered in a zip file that must be extracted using the Windows built-in extraction utilities. There are two different folders that contain OPAS data functions, and OPAS Technical Support will tell you which folder should house your [...]

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OPAS Features in Detail

OPAS Features in Detail Follow any of the menu links at the left to see how OPAS can help streamline operations, reduce error and enhance communication in your organization. We are happy to provide further information on any topic of particular interest to your organization, and of course happy to give you a demonstration of OPAS [...]

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Installing Reports

Installing Reports Installing reports for OPAS is a simple file-copy procedure. There are five different folders that contain OPAS reports (depending upon what kind of report it is). OPAS Technical Support will tell you which folder should house your specific report files. Procedure - Custom Reports Custom Word reports in OPAS [...]

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Report Activation

Activating Reports Download these instructions as a PDF File Reports in OPAS can be deactivated so you see only the reports you need/use the most often, and the reports appear in the order you need them. When new reports are added to OPAS they may not be automatically activated; adding them to your [...]

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Marketing Information

Marketing Information While OPAS does not sell tickets, it does store critical for the departments that do. In addition to all the Schedule and Program information, there are dedicated fields for Marketing and PR. The dedicated Marketing screens are available in:  OPAS Library | Extended Marketing Information includes... Dedicated fields for URLs and Ticket System identifiers [...]

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Musician Instruments / Transport Cases

Musician Instruments / Cases The Musician Instruments and Transport Cases areas give you control over physical inventory -- catalog instruments owned by (or used by) your musicians, owned by your orchestra, and more. Travel or Tour Cases can also be entered and Instruments assigned to them. Musician Instruments and Transport Cases are available in OPAS [...]

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Tours The OPAS Tour module brings together the Calendar, Musician Instrument, Transport Case and Personnel areas to create and manage foreign or domestic tours. The OPAS Tour module is available in:  OPAS Extended Tours effectively manage... Tour participants -- any orchestra musicians playing the concerts and rehearsals are automatically on the Tour. You can [...]

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Finances and Expenses

Expenses / Finance OPAS tracks expenses from each discreet program area -- contracts, events, personnel, library, etc -- and consolidates them into the Expenses area where you can analyze your orchestra's finances from almost any viewpoint. OPAS financial tools are available in:  OPAS Library | Expenses The Expenses and Budget areas allow you [...]

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