Orchestra Management Software

The OPAS family of products have earned their position as the worldwide leader in Orchestra Management and Scheduling software. OPAS Next moves the power of OPAS to the Cloud. Key OPAS functionality – Scheduling, Repertoire, Address Book, Library, Checklists and more – are available through your web browser. Advanced functionality like contracting and personnel management are in active development and being added to OPAS Next now. Contact us for more information.

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The new cloud version of OPAS. This indispensable tool for orchestra management runs through your Internet-connected device.

OPAS Musician Portal

Your musicians' portal: share your schedule, repertoire, news items and documents with orchestra members via a secure web site and phone apps

OPAS Classic

The full-featured Windows-desktop software. Version 9.25 with new features now available. Includes all OPAS functionality.