OPAS NEXT - Frequently Asked Questions

OPAS Next is a completely redesigned, browser-based interface for OPAS.  You can now run OPAS through a web browser on any device.

Even though they are both in the Cloud, OPAS Online is primarily a way for you to broadcast your schedule, programming,  and service details to your musicians and staff. 

OPAS Next is a new way for you, the orchestra staff, to create schedules, manage repertoire and artists, run reports, etc.

OPAS Online is a read-only web app, and OPAS Next is read-write.

OPAS Next works with Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. So you can user OPAS Next with your Chromebook, laptop, Mac or other device.

Safari and Microsoft Edge are not supported.

Broadly speaking, Yes. OPAS Next is a tool for Orchestra Managers in much the same way the OPAS Windows application (OPAS Classic) is.

Yes. OPAS Next is platform independent and runs on a Mac or iPad using the Chrome browser

OPAS Next is a separate product that does not automatically come with OPAS. For current clients we are happy to offer reduced license and setup fees. Contact us for details.

Yes. Any repertoire, musician, performance history or other data you have can be imported into your OPAS Next database

Yes. OPAS Next allows read / write / delete access to individual users or user groups.

Yes. OPAS Next reports can be made for Word or Excel. Custom reports may incur a programming charge

Yes. OPAS Next currently has the core functionality found in OPAS Classic (the existing desktop version) and is continuously expanded and developed to include complete OPAS Classic functionality, and new web-only features.