OPAS Next: The must-have tool for orchestra management

Read below to learn about OPAS Next capabilities in more detail.

This page covers the main OPAS Next program areas

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OPAS Next provides a variety of search tools to help you find just what you need. Simple searches quickly sift through data while advanced searches give you field-by-field control over the database. Frequently-used searches can be saved for quick recall.

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OPAS Next features an ever-growing library of standard reports that output to Word and Excel.


Custom reports are available, and may incur a programming fee — as with all custom programming, you will be provided with a written estimate.

Secure Logins

You decide what staff members can see, create, edit and delete within the OPAS Next application.


General System Features

Every OPAS Next installation also includes configurable menus and dashboard; an internal reminder system; configurable background data and more.

OPAS Next will also integrate with other systems via API.